There were so many complaints that Sprint and Verizon didn’t have any Windows Phones for sale so I’m curious if anyone is actually getting in line or if this is just a Verizon iPhone 4 type thing. As we mentioned, Sprint already has the Arrive on preorder. Anyone go for it?


  1. I pre-ordered 2. I was waiting to see any other form factors came out but, I really don’t want to wait anymore. I was hoping to move away from the hardware keyboard ( I am still running an orginal HTC Touch Pro ) but I am to impatient to wait any longer. Hopefully wave 2 that will hit this fall after the Mango update will bring more phones and form factors and I will just gift the HTC Arrive to one of the kids or another relative.

  2. I ordered three for my sister and her two college kids. I tried to convince them to get HD7, but since they are with Sprint and they like Sprint service better…so.

  3. I ordered one the day they announced it. Can’t wait to get it! I would have preferred a form factor more like the Samsung Focus, but this will have to do until then.

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