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iBlast Moki and 3D Brick Breaker this Weeks XBox WP7 Games Now Available

Looking at this weeks two Xbox Live titles for Windows Phones, it looks like iBlast Moki may be a hit. It’s a physics puzzle game but check out the trailer (from the iPhone version). Looks like a lot of fun for $3:

The second title is 3D Brick Breaker Revolution.

Get blown away by stunning 3D graphics and up to 24 insane power-ups – including Jump, Vision Twist, Laser, Cannons, Nuke, Unstoppable and more! Take on infinite levels, epic boss battles, secret bonus levels and more! Four amazing game modes deliver endless excitement: Revolution, Nightmare, Classic and Time Attack! Break your first brick to start a 3D revolution today!

It’s $3 with a free trial and I’m guessing you all know what brick breaker is by now…add 3D, Xbox Live and some bonuses and voila. The graphics don’t look too sharp but hey, if you’re into the genre then may as well give the trial a shot.