appleipad2Hot on the heels of Steve Jobs and Co. making the “Magical” iPad 2 announcement this morning, we have an Apple 6 minute video outlining all the iPad 2 goodness. I still am not sure how much I like the new Apple Cover for the iPad, but I am pretty excited about the GarageBand App and seeing how the faster processor will perform. Honestly, the thinner design is nice, but I like the squared edges of the old version and that of the iPhone 4.

Check out the video for more on the iPad 2:


  1. Hate,,,,, no,,,, boredom yes. I’ve been using tablets for several years and Apple has nothing for me.

  2. I have the original, and I’m buying this one next Friday. @ Brian. I’ve had Tablet PCs before. They have all sucked.. they’re in a HUGE scramble to catch up to the iPad. The one slide in their presentation said it all. 15Million iPads in 9 months. More than EVERY tablet PC sold COMBINED to that point. Yawn all you want.

  3. i love that last line
    “I think the ipad 2 will define that catagory for years to come”

    Does he really mean year[s] or just [a] year when they’ll tell you how much better the ipad 3 is compared to this model?

  4. hopefully he means a year. I can’t wait to replace my iPad 2 with an iPad 3 and hand the iPad 2 to my wife who in turn will hand her iPad 1 down to my oldest daughter, leaving the youngest with her 4th generation iPod jealous in the corner..

    just kidding, I’m totally going to get her an original iPad.

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