samsung-cross-platform-messaging-service-chaton-chicsSamsung is holding all it’s surprises for Tuesday when they let the cat out of the bag (officially) with the Galaxy S II devices coming here to the United States. Today they started having some fun by announcing ChatON which is messaging service that will not only be for Android as you might have thought, but iOS, BlackBerry, and Samsung Bada OS platforms. If that was not enough, Samsung will be releasing a web based PC version also. No word for Windows Phone however.

ChatON will allow users to send a text to one person, start a group chat, group message, share images, as well as voice messages. Not only will you be able to share all that with your friends who speak the same language, but try 62 different languages across 120 countries! Having an iPhone, I really miss having groups to text quickly, ChatON will take care of that pesky problem plus do it with style with animations and a slick looking UI. You can even text animations which you can customize. Definitely looks cool and something I will be checking out in September when it officially launches. Check out the video for more information:

[sammyhub via pocketnow]


  1. You want group messaging? Use Facebook. Done. But, I do have to say that group messaging is the most damned annoying thing ever.

    There are so many solutions for chatting, photo sharing and group messaging already, I don’t know why this one from Samsung is such a big deal. Google Talk and Voice and Plus are multiplatform. Facebook is multiplatform. Jabber, Yahoo, MSN, etc.. why is this one any different? Because it’s unexpected?

    Also, you can do group texts on the iPhone, it’s just not as easy as selecting a group – you have to add each person manually, but once that’s done, you can use that thread from there on.

  2. I think a lot of people just don’t like the massiveness of the whole google ecosystem. I realize that there are “ways” to get around the iOS lacking group text message issue, but I do, and have always felt that this is a retarded miss on Apple’s account. I use the group text work around all the time and there are problems with it. For one, some phones when they hit reply actually reply all. Which annoys some folks. I never had that with any WinMo phone. As for Facebook, easy, not everyone I know and need to chat with use Facebook. iOS does a lot of things right and works well, I wasn’t flaming Apple, but this is big annoyance for a small group of people. If Apple continues to eat into BB lunch converting people, they may want to start taking these OS based things seriously.

  3. Animating a message may seem like a great thing to have but it’ll end up being one of those rarely, if ever, used features.

    Like Chris said, I just don’t see why Samsung invested their time in developing this app. They lack the draw that other apps already have and there needs to be a clear advantage to using this.

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