A new leak regarding details of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 have just been released. Jeremy Horwitz over at iLounge got his hands on a few purported details of the new iPhone 5, and Apple seems to be deviating a bit from previous iterations. There aren’t any monumental changes, but a few distinct adjustments that make the upcoming iPhone unique from older versions.

The iPhone 5 will be 10 mm taller than the latest version, with the screen growing from 3.5 to 4.0 inches. Now that so many phones have broken the 4.0 inch barrier and some even coming dangerously close to tablet size, it only makes sense for Apple to increase the real estate on the front. Also, with the width staying the same, it’s speculated that the aspect ratio will be changed.

Gorilla Glass 2 tech is expected to protect the display, and the rear will be seeing a shift to a flat, metal panel.

Consumers are obsessed with thin, lightweight phones, and the iPhone will supposedly deliver on that front with a 20-percent reduction—slimming down from 9.3 mm to 7.4 mm—in thickness.

Apple is also reportedly going to be introducing a new  dock connector with the iPhone 5. It’s supposed to have fewer pins and come in a smaller, pill-shaped size.

With so many rumors out and no confirmation, we’re only left to speculate on what we’ll be seeing until an official announcement is made. So do you think there is any truth to the latest leak, or is it just another fake?

* Images from iLounge are mockups and not leaked images of the iPhone 5

[via iLounge]


  1. I don’t think we will see the iPhone 5 with the same exact styling. There has been talk of a liquid metal coating, but whatever happens, it will have to have something to differentiate it from the prior two versions. Apple would be criticized heavily for not innovating some sort of change. Not only the iPhone, but look at the iPad, it is an exact replica of the 2nd version. Steve Jobs was adamantly apposed to anything bigger than the 3.5 or 115mm handset size, but I agree, Apple has to go to a 4 inch screen.

  2. THAT’s what I was waiting to see happen: if they would stay with Steve’s “vision” or break away. Break away it is. Now to see if they can continue winning with it. The next couple of years (unless they really screw up) will not see many changes, but I say the 3-5 year out period is critical for Apple. The mistakes are theirs to make. That’s the price of being at the top.

  3. @Doug
    I think a recently leaked part debunked the whole liquid metal frame, but it was leaked and far from official, so who knows. I agree that they do need to make a change to the design. I’m not entirely convinced this latest leak is accurate, but it seems to, more or less, fall in line with previous leaks.

    Should be interesting to see what changes are made in the post-Jobs era over the next couple of years.

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