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AT&T iPhone Video fires at Verizon’s simultaneous talk/data shortcoming

I am not on anyone’s side with the whole Verizon and AT&T iPhone war but I like aggressive marketing. AT&T has been the constant sore spot for Call Quality and Date woes from many big city subscribers, especially the New York City residents that happen to be home to several of our Team Members here at Mobility Digest. In this video by AT&T, we have a guy who has totally forgotten about his anniversary and gets “The Call” from the wife making sure that they had plans for the evening. Lucky bastard, my wife would have never called and I would have come home to hornets nest. Anyway, our pal pulls off some smooth talking here and whips out his iPhone while speaking to the wife and searches for a restaurant to call as soon as he gets done talking to the wife. AS we all know, the Verizon iPhone owner would have had to wait until after the call was completed because the Verizon Network does not support “Talk and Surf” as AT&T appropriately calls it.

Device front and center, good theme, good message, and taking aim squarely at the competitors weakness. I like it!