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Google Voice Resubmitted to App Store

A year ago Apple nixed all Google Voice-related apps from their store, citing the usual vague reasons which got the government’s attention on them and AT&T. This was a disappointment to iPhone users as Google Voice, not unlike most other Google products, is awesome.

Recently Apple relaxed their submission rules with some speculating it had something to do with Android’s explosive success. So Google just tuned up the iPhone app to make it both better and further align with Apple’s rulebook and dubbing it GV Mobile + and they, specifically prolific developer Sean Kovacs, resubmitted it to Apple.

Some have said that the lack of Google software on the iPhone has been due to Google trying to leverage consumers to trade in their iPhones for Android devices. Here’s an example of that not being at all true. Good luck sharing the love, Google. Steve, your serve.

Doug Simmons

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