apple-iphone-lets-talk-eventWow it has been a long year of hype and rumors for Apple. I for one am excited about finally seeing the end result of a years worth of writing about the iPhone 5, but also happy to have a very short reprieve from speculating and writing about iPhone 6 rumors. I generally try to pic the most interesting or substantiated rumors, because of my dislike for misleading our community. The biggest rumor I hope to be laid to rest is that Sprint will not have an exclusive. We wrote about it yesterday and after the shock wears off, I will lay out my post event rant.

Beyond the device and the technology, Apple is also selling their new CEO, Tim Cook. We are wishing him all the best in his first event as the captain of the Apple vessel. Behind the scenes of Mobility Digest a flurry of emails are going back and forth and Simmons stated:

Keep in mind it’s the new CEO’s big debut on the mic, this is the first big something on his watch, right? So it’s uniquely important to Apple that this man sets a good post-Jobs era tone off the bat as many will judge his ability to fill Steve’s shoes in a half hour from now. I would be very surprised if all they spent this occasion and the surrounding excitement on was a supplemental S for their phone and not the number 5 as anticipated plus some other twist perhaps, otherwise this and maybe the CEO will be received as underwhelming, even if the 4S is super badass. Gotta have that odometer effect.

10 more minutes, c’mon Tim, the world is waiting for you!

[picture via TIMN]


  1. Ouch, Apple’s down twenty billion dollars from today’s high (down 13 points off yesterday’s close, or 3.4% from yesterday, or down almost 6% since ten minutes before the show started).

    Not good.

  2. And on heavy volume.

    Either this is simply “buy on the rumor / sell on the news” in play, whatever is being announced isn’t good enough or Tim is no Steve, or a combination, or something else.

    So what the hell happened? Guess I’ll fire up CNBC.

  3. Can people buy an iPhone 4 on contract with Verizon today for $200 or whatever, then, while avoiding breaking it, exchange it on October 14th for the 4S?

    “A friend asked me.”

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