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HELO TC Touch-Controlled Helicopter for iPhone videos

helo-rc-iphone-helicopter-griffinIn case you missed it, we got a heads up that Griffin would be launching their TELO TC Touch-Controlled Helicopter which would make use of an iPhone for a controller this Christmas. Then Kristofer posted more on the HELO TC-Controlled Helicopter a few days ago and had more pictures of the Heli as well as more close ups on the iPhone hardware needed to pilot the Heli. Yeah, I was a little disappointed in how huge it was too and that I would have to take my iPhone out of the OtterBox case to use it.





I actually have this exact Heli with a remote it came with. It only set me back $25.00 on Amazon and as far as low rent basic Heli’s go, it’s the best I have ever bought. (I have 6 different under $50 dollar Heli’s) Easily the most stable to fly and hover, this 2 channel Heli is rather limited in mobility and lacks any decent outdoor use. There are some three channel versions out that I would have hoped Griffin could have used, but the whole hook here is the ability to fly a heli from your iPhone right?





So while I was cruising around looking for some updates on the TELO TC, I found some videos marketing the Heli and the iPhone interface and attached hardware. Dubbed “HELO TC: Operation Cube Farm Freedom”, there are three videos in the series and they are worth the watch. Hilarious cubicle work avoidance antics as well as middle management targeting for hostility are all included.

I am definitely down with waiting for Christmas for this Heli, who else besides Kristofer?