Apple releases two new iPad commercials, still uninspiring

Apple has clearly parted ways with the super simple format of their product commercials from yesteryear. Now, we get an up tempo production to some random word association matching. Although the ads themselves are okay, I still can’t help but feel there is something more to be desired. It used to be, when an Apple commercial aired, the room stood still to see what feature they’d highlight and how they’d do it. Now? All you’re left with is this. Is this a sign?


    • I don’t get why the English adverts are so much better, almost up to par with the old adverts of 2010. I was seriously repelled by these two, They are almost an advert FOR Android (as in they don’t make Apple look enticing and I’d rather not buy it).

  1. I think apple commercials in general lost value just like the company and its stock. At first I used be like wow new apple commercial now i am just like hmmm another apple commercial move on. Nothing new here. I think apple’s ingenuity died with jobs.

  2. Still selling like hotcakes though, compared to other competitor’s tablets. And thats what matters in the end.

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