Everyone knows Black Friday means deals and if you are waiting for Apple to discount that certain iThingy you have had your I on then don’t get your hopes up too high. We have been seeing emails for the past few days about Apple’s Black Friday deal and 9to5Mac.com has gotten their hands on a leaked ad that really wasn’t worth the effort.

Starting with the MacBook Air, Pro, and iMac, they all will get a $101 dollar discount. The iPad 2 will get a $41 dollar discount for the $499 dollar 16gb version and $61 dollars off the more expensive tablets. Nano’s slashed a whopping $11, Touch’s from $21 to $41 and nothing on the iPhones. Accessories will also get some, and when I say some, I mean very little discount love as well.

Hey thanks Apple!



  1. Lol, instead they could have said you would get a magical ipad2 cover instead of those nominal discounts. :D

  2. now that’s funny…  what’s funnier is that people will actually think it’s a deal because it has a fruit on it…

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