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tablift is Coming, Maybe

Kickstarter is interesting I think, you can find a ton of col stuff on there but not everything makes it. It’s a shame as there is some really cool stuff on there. The latest little gadget I found is the tablift that is for your iPad. I don’t have an iPad but I think the tablift is unique and innovative in that it can do what most stands out there can’t and that’s being able to use it pretty much anywhere.

Reading on an iPad can put your head at an uncomfortable angle creating a posture that can cause back and neck pain.

There is an overabundance of stands for the iPad and similar devices, however many are clunky and most are made for flat surfaces.  This makes them unsuitable for the places we most frequently use the iPad – couches, beds, and other cushioned surfaces.  Many of these stands also suffer from a lack of portability.

The tablift, launching very soon, is a one-of-a-kind stand that is designed to solve all of these problems.

The tablift enables hands-free iPad use on any surface. Whether you are lying in bed or sitting on the sofa, four individually flexible legs keep your iPad stabilized and in an optimal viewing position.  The tablift holds your iPad at a safe angle so that your neck and back can relax, eliminating the pain associated with poor posture when using a tablet for an extended period of time.

Easy to use and travel friendly, the tablift also folds down to a compact size so you can pop it in a bag or purse and take it with you anywhere. tablift is a must-have accessory for getting the most from your iPad.

The tablift is currently trending on the Crowdfunding website Kickstarter, where you can pre-order one before it is available to the general public: