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Jawbone Thoughts iPhone voice to text App

jawbonethoughtsYesterday Jawbone announced the ERA, the is the worlds first Motion Controlled BT Headset. But what what you may not have known is that Jawbone has a pretty cool app called Thoughts. Thoughts lets you send a send voice messages to your friends instead of texting or making a call. You can even send it to a group of your friends. Just record you message and send to anyone in your contacts. What if they don’t have the app? Then it appears as an email or SMS with a link to listen to the message. It pretty straight forward and could be a lot of fun, or productive in the event you cannot type out a text and don’t have time to call.

Another cool feature with Thoughts is that it will transcribe voice messages to text messages when discretion is needed or you are in a loud environment and there is difficulty hearing. The only problem I saw was that Jawbone gives you 10 free transcriptions and then you have to pay for more. WTF?

If this looks like some thing you need, head on over to the App Store and download it free.

[via SolSie]