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Apple too busy chasing Steve Jobs to notice the door wide open for Windows Phone

Yesterday was iPhone day, the day where Apple does what they do best. It was the day Apple would widen the lead and put all others to rest. After all, that was what life was like chasing Apple; just when you though you caught up, out comes an announcement date and all of a sudden they’re gone again.

Much to everyone’s surprise none of this happened. It was all so strange, where did it go wrong? Apple lovers had their alarms set and had already made time for am extra long lunch so they could get it all in. Apple haters started the bashing as early as the night before. The balance was indeed strong. Then came the event.

It was an epic April fools joke in October. People all around the world were made to sit through multiple "blah blah black sheep" points in a keynote before the main attraction took the stage. And then it almost happened. Apple almost took us all for fools, they announced an iPhone 4S (s for suckah.) we didn’t/couldn’t let that happen, so we sat through the announcement some more thinking which 3rd world country would have to deal with this iYesteryear phone. And then, just like that. No magic trick with iPhone 5’s falling from the sky with some Jay-z and Kanye rapping over Steve jobs saying "one more thing…" It was over, it was time to get back to work. It didn’t "almost" happen, it DID happen. Apple took us all for fools.

This iPhone 4S was what they had to offer, it was the hand they had to deal. But hold on, could you be upset? Could you really? You knew this behavior well, you’ve seen this scum bag behavior in the past. And even though i joke when i say "seems as if Apple has forgotten how to count, 5 comes after 4, not S," the joke is on me. Apple can count, and really well. Ya see, after 3GS comes 4GS. Oh my, the joke is on us all. If history has taught us nothing, it did at least teach us people will line up for iAnything no matter how "blah" it is.

But this time it’s different. There has been a shift in the force for sometime now. Although Apple is the rightful owner of the number one spot, Android owns that claim. And so, the fruit company will never stop at mindshare alone, sales has got to be dominated. Also added to the equation is the up and coming threat known as Windows Phone. It doesn’t sell like android neither does it have the mind share of Apple, so how could it be a threat?

With the introduction of the mango update, people couldn’t help but pay attention. For the first time since Apple’s rule, someone else is saying "this is how it should be done." Pound for pound, Windows Phone has Apple ‘s new iOS up against the wall. User experience, functionality and even hardware.

Apple’s iOS has been rocking long and strong, but many grow tired of its user interface. Even so, Apple has always been able to mask it as familiarity and use it as a selling point. Just when people figured out it wasn’t, and they were tired of it, Apple did what they do best. Brand new hardware. Something new and flashy to draw the masses back in. This brilliance worked in the past, but like I said, things are different now.

The current available hardware cycle vicious, phones like Samsung Galaxy S II and HTC’s Titan demands respect and damn near all of your money. The iPhone that was announced yesterday needed to be able to compete with devices on most if not all levels. Apple needed to leave the "incremental" hardware at home and knock it out the box, but they didn’t; and now the door is wide open.

But how? Why? Well, to me the answer is simple. Steve Jobs is no longer. I’ve been paying close attention to the fruit company ever since Steve’s illness was made public. The man who micromanaged and entire company was no longer that, he had to let go. He had to allow his company to be an entity on its own. I’ve been noticing a change in the way Apple goes about their happenings. Secrets where being leaked a lot sooner than they used to be, rumors were becoming dead accurate, quality control issues came about, on and on the list goes. But amazingly, the numbers were still through the roof, the iPhone could do no wrong. With the coming of iOS 5, it was plain as day to see, Steve had let go. We say things in iOS 5 we would never see under Steve’s rule. Things like the “stolen” android notification curtain are up for debate, but what’s important to understand is the behavior behind this. Apple went out and bought this thing, much like they bought Siri. Steve would never have done this, he had too much pride to allow something to be perceived as such, much less actually go out and do it. Welcome to the Tim Cook era.

With Apple’s lack of aggression right now, comes great advantage for Microsoft and their momentum push for Windows Phone. Apple’s disappoint will lead to the iCultured individual to peep his/her head out just to see what else is around. Despite what you’ve heard about Android, it is no where close to being a replacement for any iDevice. The few who dare to venture out, will find great refuge in Windows Phone. This is where Windows Phone will have its chance. As a techie, I could sing you a Windows Phone song a million times, but to a consumer it’s all a foreign language. If Windows Phone could find its way into the hands of a few iCultured individuals, the effect could be great. iPeople only relate to iPeople. I cannot tell them how great Windows Phone is, but a casual text from a fellow iFriend saying “hey, this Windows Phones is pretty good after all…” will cause ripples.

The scale of things seems to be a bit off balance. Apple is fighting to catch up to their own Steve jobs, which (at least for now) is slowing them down. Microsoft took the time out to come from the ground up and is quickly gaining speed. Does this mean the iPhone 4S will not sell? No. Does this mean Apple will lost share? No. It simply means Apple has done what no one else could, slow Apple down. And it’s much to Microsoft’s benefit; let’s see how they take advantage of this lucky break!



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