ipadair I was fortunate enough to have some hands-on time with the iPad Air today. In case you’ve been living under a rock, today was the first day of retail availability for Apple’s newest iPad dubbed the iPad Air. Weighing a scant 1 pound which is at least 50% lighter than its full size tablet competitors clearly the Air name is well deserved right?

Sadly no the Air name seems to be more hyperbole than I had hoped it would be. You can definitely feel that 1 pound when you hold the tablet. Maybe its because i’ve been using 7” tablets more or the fact I tend to have my much lighter smartphone glued to my hands but iPad Air just seems like a wasted name on this product.

I don’t blame Apple, I blame myself. After sitting down to write my thoughts on my hands-on time I realized I was the victim of my own overblown expectations. Two other members of our writing staff also expressed a slight disappointment. Both iPad owners in their own right so definitely not anything to do with fanboyism. We just fell victim to the hype just like many millions of regular consumers will undoubtedly do over the course of the holiday season.

The thin bezels makes the device look super slim and I have  theory that its the slimming bezels that make you adjust how you hold the tablet that is why I can feel the weight of the tablet. Instead of holding the iPad Air with a more closed grip you tend to pinch the tablet on the sides which obviously makes you more aware that you’re holding something instead of something sitting in your hands. I walked away feeling like I agree with a ton of reviewers and would choose the smaller iPad Mini that provides the same performance in a smaller form factor.

So those are my initial hands-on thoughts. Take them for what they are worth (hint: these and a few bucks will get you a cup of coffee). Make sure to drop a comment below and describe your first impressions.


  1. I have the opportunity to pick up an iPad Air today (128GB on AT&T) for WAY less than retail, but I’m holding out for the mini w/retina at the end of the month (and should still be able to get it for a similar deal). In my opinion, the mini is the perfect size for the iPad (my daughter has one and it’s wonderful) and the fact that they shoehorned the same hardware into the mini as the Air is fantastic. I’m sure they’ll clock the mini down to match the iPhone 5s vs the Air to conserve battery though.

    • Oh nice you picked up the big boy size. (128GB). Good to hear you got a great price on it. When that happens you have to jump on the opportunity.

      Yeah I really like the iPad Mini’s size for what i’d use a tablet for. I tend to communicate with my phone so a tablet would be for consuming content and occasional game play.

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