We’ve seen a trailer for this in the past, but how about some actual gameplay on a real device? Yes, it’s a tower defense style game, but you can view the screen from any angle – whether you be at ground level or look from above, just pinch to zoom and move and build towers. It looks very fluid and very solid. And you can see the real 3D effects here as perspectives change based on your angle. This makes you a lot more involved in the game and it’s a lot more interactive than a 2D or static tower defense game. This is cool.

Check out the video:



  1. It will not have XBox integration because you need to be an Xbox dev (not an indei dev) and that’s not a lot of developers. I’ll emailt he dev and see what the timing is.

  2. i asked the dev the other day, they are waiting for MS to approve the release or something, but all signs point towards a late january or early february release

  3. let me know if there is interest. I work for MSFT and worked with MGS (Microsoft Game Studios) on other titles.

  4. Hi, I’m one of the developpers.

    We want to release the game as soon as possible, and hope that it will be released with Xbox live :)

    We will give a new video of the game this week or in the next week, we have made a lot of improvements !

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