Man this is a special special. The one and only Herg is back to give us a video with some Windows 8 love on an Archos 9 tablet. Lots of Windows 8 features and some Apple bashing in the mix to keep things flowing. Without further introduction:

Epic…yes the tablet, but also the Herg.

Thanks as always Herg – great stuff.


  1. Looks great, but those are all screenshots. The Archos is famous for being slow. How responsive was it with Win8Dev??? I would love to know that, I’m considering buying one for Win8 development and showing it to developer communities if it ran decently.

  2. It runs a lot faster and smother than windows 7. If you install the beta touch driver you will get multi touch.

    I have lost my digital video camera but give me time to buy or borrow one and I will give a video review.

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