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Ask the Readers: Should Jimski Leave AOL?

fuckaolIn response to a jab I made about his online provider following my rant against AOL, Jim Szymanski, or jimski, asked me, in an email in which he included some gaudy and annoying advertisements he probably had no idea were being stamped onto his dumb emails, the following and I really want to win the argument with him so if any of you think I’ve been doing a good job recently, help me field this one so that he A) sees the light and migrates to Gmail and B) feels like a douche. Seriously, I hate AOL too much to remain objective here, help me out.

Well, I know the world revolves around you, but actually people sometimes have reasons for doing the things they do. It’s a long way off for me, but if AOL is around when I turn 65, yeah, I will probably still have my free email account. See, I have some WiMo apps that I purchased more than 10 years ago and developers continue to send updates to my registered email address. Same with family and friends. About 90% of my AOL interaction has been via my phone or PDA for the past 5+ years. So as it’s free and always works (let’s not talk about the second account I setup for staffnotify), filters out almost every bit of spam, and almost everyone I know has the address, give me a good reason for closing it down, aside from it having @aol at the end of it.

Really, I feel blindsided, I feel completely off guard that someone of apparent technological acumen has asked me what’s wrong AOL. What’s wrong you with, Jim?? Damnit Jim.

Help me out. Just don’t get me started.

Doug Simmons