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Tips Please

F-15_Gives_Up_On_Blogging_Solo The other day I wrote a bad article that didn’t go over so well. I hurt your feelings, then you hurt mine; and then it hit me, maybe some of you could produce better content if we gave you the chance.

If you look at the sidebar to the right (and all you Google Readers can hop over by clicking here), just below the advertisement (or blank rectangle for those of you using AdBlock) you’ll see an article submission form into which you can either just drop us a short tip or a more abstract idea for us to chase down ourselves to turn into an article or you can do the legwork for us, writing a complete article with or without an image and we’ll post it under your name — if it’s a good lead. Either way we want what you’ve got and we’ll take what we can get, and will credit you accordingly.

Asking you to join the writing team and then write has proven less than effective so maybe a little widget can extract something out of you better without that fear of commitment. One great asset, on the top two or three list, of this site is our audience. Got some bright and well-informed people among you so please let us tap into that. Sorry in advance for the captcha but the second I put the thing up we were getting Viagra spam from the Chinese. You’d think the Chinese would be pushing some sort of ancient herbal recipe thing instead, right?

Doug Simmons