Here’s a 12 minute video demo of WP7 starring the nice looking ASUS phone leaked a few weeks back.  Nothing new about the OS is brought up in the demo, it’s just your standard walkthrough of WP7 that we’ve seen over and over buy now.  Only reason this is cool is because we get to take a look at the ASUS device.  It looks really professional and strikes me as more so than the iPhone because of the metallic look over the plastic/glass look of the iPhone 4.  That is not to say the iPhone 4 is ugly, I just think the device looks much more professional than Apple’s baby.  Opinions?  Anything think this phone is ugly?  If you do you need to get your eyes examined because this thing is gorgeous!

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  1. A first hand look at the platform that killed windows mobile. Congrats, you’ve managed to alienate what was left of this platforms hardcore users with this ridiculous live panel system.

  2. I like it. I’m a current WM user and while I will be missing some of the features, all I really want is a phone that doesn’t take 10 seconds or more to rotate or that I have to restart every other day because it keeps hanging. I’ll gladly give up some multitasking for a the minimum specs MS is requiring so that I can have a snappy, good looking, device.

    Can’t wait for WP7

  3. @anyone who doesn’t like the wp7 ui
    you’ve obviously never handled a zune hd. the ui is addicting. i’ve even converted some ipod users to zune by simply letting them play with my zhd for a few mins. this is hands down the next generation of phone ui’s, so don’t be so quick to brush it off.

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