Let me start by saying that I’d give up sliced bread for my Focus. It’s beautiful – and not just aesthetics but also in terms of use. The subtleties throughout the OS keep peeking out and keep me amused by every second of using my Windows Phone. It’s not just the big picture integration and glance and go techniques they employed. It’s also the little things, like the incoming call screen that just hides off the screen and bounces a bit so you have to slide the screen up to answer the call (which looks great while avoiding accidentally answering a call when the phone is in your pocket). Or the way that the arrow to get to programs moves when you hit the last of your tiles. There’s something magical in the implementation of the big picture integration throughout the phone combined with such fine detail that you ‘discover’ as you use the phone that make it such a pleasant experience and without really using the phone you can’t fully appreciate it. In fact, it’s a work of art, like a Warhol or something. It’s so graphic and so different that you don’t know how it took so long for it to be here. But it’s also like fine art in that you may fall in love with the image and it distracts you from the flaws that others may see.

You see, with each iteration of the iPhone the flock of sheep that buy them get in line and all agree that it’ is a masterpiece…the best…unmatched (until of course the next version comes out). And if you point out the flaws to them, they  deny it’s a flaw and state they’re perfectly fine without that feature and simply continue to love them despite the feature of the week that your phone has. And you can look at it and see all of its flaws, clear as day and they simply don’t care about those flaws and are happier with their ‘flawed’ device than you are with your ‘perfect’ device. And as silly as it all is…that is where I’m finding myself.

I know I want to control my ringtone. And I know I want copy and paste. And I know I want to be able to organize my apps better…I know, I know, I know. And I don’t care about them. I can justify it by saying that most of those features are coming in an update that’s on the way but even without that, I’ve (for better or worse) have accepted the device for what it is and I’m still in love with it. For those of you confused, if you’re married then you should know what I mean. I have news for you – your wife isn’t perfect, but mine is. Does my wife have flaws? Not to me…Yup, I just compared my wife to a phone – it’s just an analogy people, calm down.

The point of all of this: I love my Windows Phone and I don’t care what flaws you think it has. It’s mine, I’m not giving it up and it’s only getting better. So you don’t need to tell me why you think your phone is better than mine. It’s not. If I wanted your phone I would have bought it. I didn’t because mine is better. So there.


  1. Great post, which sums up my experience perfectly. I love my Omnia 7 and the experience of using it is heavenly, to me. If someone asks me about it I’ll wholeheartedly recommend it, but then if I try to explain logically, the “buts” come (but it doesn’t multi-task, but it doesn’t have cut and paste, but it doesn’t have expandable memory, etc.). As you say, though, none of these things matter – it’s a gorgeous phone and a joy to use and I won’t have anyone say differently!

  2. David, you just saved my day! I could in no possible way have said it any better and it is true from top to bottom.
    In my mind the Samsung Omnia 7 is simply the best phone ever produced, and I am yet to see something come even close.
    But in the end it doesn’t really matter what phone you have, as long as you get that special feeling that this is the right phone for you, either iPhone, Andoid or WP7. It’s a big smartphone market out there, and there is room enough for all of us.
    Have a nice WP7-weekend everyone… :-)

  3. That’s it… I am iving up my lovely HD2 for a Samsung.Will miss the large screen though :(
    But you’re right. Even though the HD2 came with WM6.5, I love it a lot!!. I was able to skin it to my liking.
    Lockscreen: Like the iPone
    Start UI: Like the Android
    Security: Like a true WM device (no other has GPO settings I can push from my Windows server environment)
    Living in the caribbean means I have to wait a while longer, but I will definately get the WP7.
    I have always been a WM phone user, and toyed around with the iPhone, but in the end, all the apps I care about to have on the iPhone, I have on my WM6.5 phone, without these drop calls!!!
    Love you, my phone :)

  4. This is exactly how I feel when talking about Windows Phone 7. I am perfectly aware of the missing features and limitations. Long since checked out of the “my phone is better than yours” arguments. I just want a phone that fits and delights ME.

  5. I’ve used the HD7, arguably one of the best phones with WP7 on it. I was impressed with the interface, and I liked the shine and polish, but there’s NOTHING in WP7 which makes me want to change from iPhone to WP7 yet. Nothing. I have all the apps and features I want and need (wifi tethering, remote desktop, remote phone administration via wifi, the upcoming airplay and airprint features, COPY AND PASTE, excellently implemented multitasking, etc) on the iPhone and wouldn’t switch to WP7 to have the newest and latest OS just to say I had it and lose the features I use everyday.

    “just plain better than the iPhone 4” doesn’t really work for me since you’re talking about a shiny interface vs. a app-driven experience, two different interfaces for different types of users. For me, I need to be able to use my phone for 18 hours a day, and it needs to keep up without causing any headaches. I’m Playing music the entire time, serving up GPS and iRadar information, while being able to quickly swap between emial, texting, phonecalls and other apps without missing a beat. In some respects, iOS 4.x is closer to how I was using windows mobile than WP7 is. And that’s exactly what I need.

  6. I’ve had my Focus since 1st thing Monday morning and i feel exactly the same. This device is simply beautiful! And I was an iPhone user (all models) and just waited for the day when MS came out with something comparable…..well, they’ve come out with something much better in many ways. Yes, there are still a few things I want to see….custom ringtones, threaded email, etc. I could care less about copy/paste. I guarantee I have used that feature less than 10 times total on my old iPhone.

    Great article!

  7. This is my phone. There are many others like it, but this one is mine. My phone is my best friend. It is my life.
    Sorry, got Full Metal Jacket on my mind ;)

  8. Coming from iPhone3G, 3GS, and iPhone4 and mac book pro, imac desktop. I too embraced Windows Phone7 into my new family. I was curious and went into my local AT&T store and played with Samsung Focus. My WOW factor was the UI, the phone is lighter than iPhone4 and too much plastic for my taste. BUT after playing with the phone for 15 mins. I walked out with the Samsung Focus on my hand, and that has been 2 days now. I took my Samsung Focus to bed with me, like I did with iPhone4 from day one. Too make my long story short. I LOVE this new UI, and I think Microsoft took on the challenge and is winning my heart. The only problem is how I can sync my mac to my windows phone 7. Currently I’ve been using my Windows desktop at my office, but I can’t wait to be able to sync my Windows Phone7 to Mac.
    2 thumps for Microsoft.
    ps. I have not had any problem with dropped calls on my new Samsung Focus vs my iPhone4.

  9. Could not have said it any better David. Coming from the most robust phone OS ever created, sure there are things we are going to notice as “missing”. But the smooth flow and attention to detail of the WP7 UI outweighs everything else. Sometimes less “is” more. Microsoft definitely did their homework. Putting my Surround through it’s paces almost continuously since Monday afternoon I am beginning to relate to iPhone users. Everything just works! That makes Windows Phone a game changer, and that’s a good thing.

  10. The best way I have seen so far to justify why you use what you use. The arrival of the iPhone was a game changer, but others have caught up now and even exceeding. So, people better stop claiming way ahead of the competition phones, they are all more or less at par now. Pick your favorite poison and let others enjoy theirs.

  11. i actually put off reading this article because of the title but im so glad i read it. its so true, but i would like to point out, its not “flawed”… its “not here yet” . i dont consider the “lack” of multitasking a flaw, in fact i much preffer it. also removable memory is not a flaw to me, i hate having to worry about whether or not an app installed to the SD card or to the phone and which memory source has space left and yadda yadda but pretty much everything else (sync solution for mac, copy paste, custom ringtones, tethering) is on its way. so i would just like to say, my phone is not flawed, its just young.

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