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Windows Phone Has Me Thinking Like an iPhone User

Let me start by saying that I’d give up sliced bread for my Focus. It’s beautiful – and not just aesthetics but also in terms of use. The subtleties throughout the OS keep peeking out and keep me amused by every second of using my Windows Phone. It’s not just the big picture integration and glance and go techniques they employed. It’s also the little things, like the incoming call screen that just hides off the screen and bounces a bit so you have to slide the screen up to answer the call (which looks great while avoiding accidentally answering a call when the phone is in your pocket). Or the way that the arrow to get to programs moves when you hit the last of your tiles. There’s something magical in the implementation of the big picture integration throughout the phone combined with such fine detail that you ‘discover’ as you use the phone that make it such a pleasant experience and without really using the phone you can’t fully appreciate it. In fact, it’s a work of art, like a Warhol or something. It’s so graphic and so different that you don’t know how it took so long for it to be here. But it’s also like fine art in that you may fall in love with the image and it distracts you from the flaws that others may see.

You see, with each iteration of the iPhone the flock of sheep that buy them get in line and all agree that it’ is a masterpiece…the best…unmatched (until of course the next version comes out). And if you point out the flaws to them, they  deny it’s a flaw and state they’re perfectly fine without that feature and simply continue to love them despite the feature of the week that your phone has. And you can look at it and see all of its flaws, clear as day and they simply don’t care about those flaws and are happier with their ‘flawed’ device than you are with your ‘perfect’ device. And as silly as it all is…that is where I’m finding myself.

I know I want to control my ringtone. And I know I want copy and paste. And I know I want to be able to organize my apps better…I know, I know, I know. And I don’t care about them. I can justify it by saying that most of those features are coming in an update that’s on the way but even without that, I’ve (for better or worse) have accepted the device for what it is and I’m still in love with it. For those of you confused, if you’re married then you should know what I mean. I have news for you – your wife isn’t perfect, but mine is. Does my wife have flaws? Not to me…Yup, I just compared my wife to a phone – it’s just an analogy people, calm down.

The point of all of this: I love my Windows Phone and I don’t care what flaws you think it has. It’s mine, I’m not giving it up and it’s only getting better. So you don’t need to tell me why you think your phone is better than mine. It’s not. If I wanted your phone I would have bought it. I didn’t because mine is better. So there.