Salt Lake City 4G LTE is here!

A friend of mine sent me a text earlier this evening saying his iPhone 5 had just lit up with LTE. I was disappointed to see it missing from my notification bar, but we do live in different areas of the city.

I immediately surfed over to AT&T’s website which still listed Salt Lake City in the coming soon column.

To my surprise and delight, less than two hours later, my GS3 has connected to the LTE network.

I will follow up with more tomorrow since my home has never had the best reception, but if you are in SLC and have any other info, confirmations in your location, speed tests, etc. then post them in the comments.


  1. I can confirm I’m seeing LTE on my iPhone 5. But the speeds are topping out at 7mbps down and 4mbps up. But I’m in a bad reception area. So I’m hoping it is better around town.

  2. I was getting around 10mbps down and 7mbps up last night. I’ll try again at work where I usually have 4-5 bars.

  3. In South Ogden (yes Utah Ogden is still here) I’ve just started getting around 7-10mbps down and < 1mbps up, with it still saying 4G on my Lumia 920. I don't buy that we have LTE up here yet but it's at least 2x's as fast as it use to be in my area.

  4. I had 24mb down and 5mb up at the University of Utah yesterday on my iPhone 5. Came into West Valley City by Trax and lost LTE.

  5. Here is my update. AT&T still has nothing official on their website. They still list Salt Lake City as “coming soon.” It seems LTE is focused “downtown.” The further you get away from the heart of the city, the worse your reception is. At home, my speeds are better but nothing to post about, and further south (at work) I have no LTE coverage. Tonight I was downtown and my speed tests were 55 mb down 8.5 mb up. I didn’t get to test much else, but I reaffirm my excitement for LTE. Now I just want it to spread throughout the valley, so I have those speeds at home and at work.

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