AT&T Captivate device owners rejoice! The Android 2.2 Froyo update is finally here! No this isn’t an early April Fools Day joke either. All you have to do is head on over to the update page (CLICK HERE) and make sure you read everything before hitting the DOWNLOAD  button at the bottom of the page!

How Do I Update The Software On My AT&T SGH-i897 (Captivate) Phone To Android 2.2 (Froyo) Through Kies Mini For PC?

An Operating System upgrade from Eclair 2.1 to Froyo 2.2 is now available for the SGH-i897 (Captivate). Please read the FAQ below for information on how to update, to see what is new in Froyo, and much more.

Notice: Please back up all data such as your contacts, pictures, music, videos etc… prior to performing the update as data could be lost .


  • Desktop/Laptop Computer Running 32bit Versions Of Either Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, or XP
  • All Firewall & Anti-Virus Programs Should Be Disabled
  • Administrative Privileges Required To Download & Install Software Including Drivers
  • An Available USB Port On The PC That Supports 2.0 USB
  • Windows Media Runtime 11 (automatically installed by Kies Mini if not present)


  • Fully Charged Battery


  • USB Data Cable (Included In Retail Box)
  • Any Previous Samsung Kies Software Should Be Removed


  1. FINALLY im running it now. No more gps issue. So far so good. Im happy. From download to new idle screen it was 13mins. Probably my usb port and Internet connection.

  2. Would not work on Windows 7 64 Bit SP1…without SP1, it was fine…also of note, phone seems to be doing a lot of post upgrade background stuff and the phone is very sluggish for 2-3 hours after upgrade…beyond that, I welcome Froyo…FINALLY! Do we dare start chanting for 2.3?

  3. updated without a hitch for me. noticed some rerouting on gps, but not significant. I’m most impressed with a functional media hub now. Also, as an AT&T u-verse customer, their u-verse mobile app (which stopped working after it’s own update) is now functioning properly. I can set recordings and download available shows from their server. Sweet!!!

  4. I followed the AT&T/Samsung update directions exactly, and the update failed for a stock, unrooted Captivate. I finally got the update to work after several attempts to get the right Samsung drivers installed on Win XP. The published procedure using Kies mini and the phone with USB debugging enabled did not work. I finally had to install Samsung PC Studio just to get the drivers installed correctly. XDA saved me. There was no way to figure out how to get the drivers and finish the update process without the help of good XDA people. I have developed large software projects for over 25 years, and the Samsung update process is the worst I have ever seen. I doubt that I will ever buy another Samsung phone, and if I ever need to update again, I will use a custom rom from XDA.

  5. I upgraded to Froyo this weekend and there is better performance all around. I rooted the phone and now I’m tethering and using AP mobile free and with ease. (This is a form a pirating that everyone does but will not admit they are doing something wrong. I guess it is OK to steal from THE MAN but frowned upon when you do it to a poor artist or app developer. My motto is F-them all. Free is Free but I greatly digress.)

    But since I’m on a rant, “WHERE IS THE MOBILITY DIGEST SMARTPHONE APP”. This is a time of change. Lately there have been android upgrades with most of the android phones on most carriers, with more to come. Slash Gear now has an app. Engadet has had an app for a long time but nothing from you boys. Should my expectation of this site be less. I know funding can be low but a simple app is more of an investment to your site. To stick with MS training of it smartphone users, you can charge Window phone 7 users for the app (they like paying for things that are usually free), and give it away with ads to android users.

  6. @RowdyC:
    Thanks for the feedback. We are talking about a Mobility Digest app now and will see what kind of development skills we have between us. Anyone out there with any Developer skills for an Android and iOS app please contact me. We (well not really me) but some of the team members have been working on a WP app for a few weeks now.

  7. Dude, I tried to download the MiniKies and the 2.2 upgrade. The power went out and now I can’t access or get the phone to finish downloading…. What do I do? Please help…..

  8. @terrytommy: You should go to XDA developers Captivate forum. The people on there can unbrick a real brick so I’m sure you can get help with a bricked Cappy. Just do some research and you should be OK.
    You can call AT&T and they may send you another phone but if that fails is one of the best solutions.

  9. My first phone was the Captivate 2.1r1 and it worked great once I got that LAG fix in and some kernal optimizations running. However when I tried to update to FroYo via Kia it bricked my phone. I had to take my phone in. They gave me a refurbished phone. I started to configure it, and it was broke.. wouldn’t hit a web page.. So then they grabbed another.. I was able to configure it.. but now.. and much worse..

    The damn phone turns off with full charge without notice. Which has now costed me hundreds of dollars in missed job offers! AT&T I should sue you!! I am probably going to end up homeless because you can’t deploy a fricken fon os.. None of the mods work for some reason like they use to.. i am not what the hell they did with this one.. But I am sending it back.. IMMEDIATELY.. or you are sending me a working NEW ONE IMMEDIATELY.. or we are starting a class action lawsuit, because this is about to be your POWERGATE..

    #powergate watch for it on twitter! Trust me..


  10. I have not done the download yet because there was a large red warning that said to backup all files before doing it. This warning should have been a link to tell you how to back up the files. Called ATT. They didn’t know how to do the backup either. Doess anyone know how to do it.

  11. @WT Jenkins: you wont lose anything in the backup. I have litterally updated dozens of captivates to 2.2 with no issues. If you download Samsung Kies from Samsungs website it will allow you to create a backup of everything. Kies mini will not allow you to create a backup so make sure you have the full version of it. You can also update your phone using Kies Mini or just regular Kies.

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