I have been a long time Windows Mobile device owner and one of the programs I absolutely swear by and use daily is Soti’s Pocket Controller. Being able to use my device to text, email, or anything else you want right through your PC is awesome. Since recently purchasing an iPhone and Dell Android Streak, I have looked for a similar solution without much luck, especially for the iPhone. Granted you can jailbreak and go with Veency, which is a remote app that works via wifi with any vnc viewer via PC, Mac or Linux, but what about the folks that don’t want to jailbreak? If you fall into this category, then I’ve got some GREAT news for you! Soti has announced two THREE new additions to their offering of MobiControl which currently supports Windows Mobile and BlackBerry. That’s right iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone has just been announced Soti as coming this Winter. “Winter” is pretty vague so I called them up and was told that they are working on the apps and look for them to be released in the “Winter” of 2011. Speaking to the Soti contact they also indicated not only will they release the MobiControl for the iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone, Soti will also be releasing a Pocket Controller App for each of the three new platforms as well. The Robust Enterprise solution MobiControl is quite expensive, so it was really good to hear that a consumer version of Pocket Controller will also be available during the same time period.

No pricing was given to me but generally you can anticipate MobiControl to be in the 70-100 dollar range and Pocket Controller to be 30-40 dollars. I know that seems high when apps are generally running $0.99 – $5.99, but trust me, this is excellent software. Stay tuned and we will keep you posted on more solid release dates.

This winter, MobiControl, SOTI’s award winning mobile device management solution will support iOS devices! With this innovative technology, enterprises will enjoy the most comprehensive set of quality features available on the market. Manage, track, support and secure iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch devices anywhere at any time!

SOTI’s MobiControl will expand to manage, monitor, secure and support Android devices this Winter! With the most comprehensive mobile device management solution, enterprises will enjoy improved efficiency, optimized security, and fantastic ROI from their state-of-the-art Android devices.


  1. Great apps. I am at a PC all day long and wouldn’t think of using my phone natively when I’m at a PC. PocketController is so much easier and a no-brainer. To the best of my knowledge no such app has ever been created for other platforms.

  2. I haven’t tried it myself but GoToMyPC, which if I’m not mistaken is like Orb in that both the client and the server connect to a third system so that there aren’t any firewall/nat issues in brokering the connection, worked well for a client with an iPad wanting to “connect” to his office Mac. I said the by-the-book method to do this right, especially if more in the office would want this and further especially if they wanted to use this not just for VNC-like connecting to their computers (Macs) but to their FileMaker server and whatever else, to set up a VPN and Apple’s RDP equivalent or whatever the Internets recommends. But that didn’t strike me as being worth the schlep so I said try GoToMyPC, I heard it on Howard Stern, a Cisco thing I believe, and I asked him to try to install it without my help first to see if it’s worth recommending to others as a viable means to do this, rather than not doing it at all because doing it would involve paying me to do something that is probably mostly just to satisfy their curiosity about how awesome their iPad is. He was able to get the thing working and was quite pleased.

    You may be wondering if I bill by the hour, why am I encouraging clients to do things that involve not having to pay me as much. That’s just how I roll, seems to be working. And though I could probably get away with winging it, I’m not experienced enough in networking to risk screwing up and exposing their shit to the outside because I didn’t configure a VPN right. Maybe GoToMyPC opens a possible vector of attack, but that’s on Howard and Cisco, not me. I’m just the cloud guy.

    Anyway, good morning.

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