androideatingmicrosoftflagforlunchGoogle just filed for FCC approval of a Nexus One modified to support AT&T’s flavor of 3G with WCDMA bands I, II and V (page 8 of FCC ID NM8PB99110). Given Google’s rifts with AT&T it is possible that Google could sell the NM899110 with or without AT&T being on board to offer partially subsidized purchases or to provide technical support as T-Mobile does. It’s worth adding that those WCDMA bands are also compatible with Rogers, Bell, Telus and most of Europe.

On the subject of Android, given Android’s rapidly growing market share which at the latest measurement I could find is over four times that of Windows Mobile’s and climbing, given the stunning demand and progress in the Windows Mobile community to run Android on a handful of the more popular HTC Windows Mobile phones, given that a lot of those people, to use them as representatives of more casual smartphone users, aren’t T-Mobile subscribers but use bands I, II and V for WCDMA, given that there appears to be no interest in consumers to run Windows Mobile on their Android phones, given that in spite of their conflicting digital philosophies with Google the Chinese government will welcome Android, given how more and more device manufacturers are focusing on Android, Windows Mobile 7 had better be supernaturally awesome, perfectly marketed and swiftly released to save Microsoft’s mobile platforms from being identified as “Other” in the pie charts.

As we get a steady flow of visitors from *, if you want to do the company a favor go ahead and chime in right here about what you think were Microsoft’s biggest mobile mistakes and what they ought to do differently with Windows Mobile in order to save it from irrelevance which is its apparent present destination from where I’m sitting.

Doug Simmons


    INTEGRATE – Microsoft doesn’t make phones (or users lol) so they don’t seem to pay attention to them and the way that they are changing.
    INNOVATE – Microsoft innovate? Please, we all know they are a dinosaur and any smartphone user even a new user could give them a hundred innovative ideas to make there products meet our changing needs.
    ILLEVIATE – Why are we always taking care of our own, throw us a bone here. They think since the sell there software to phone companies that the phone companies are caring for us! Stupid, they need to provide customer service for there product and help us get through some of the headaches that they didn’t fix! Open source is gonna kill them for sure if they don’t figure this on out. There is so much good will involved in open source because we are serving each other. Microsoft does not contribute much outside of there own agendas and people are getting tired of picking up there messes……. The people that aren’t wake up and smell the bytes you’ve written it’s called…… Co-dependence and we love you fiercly for it!

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