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Super Sexy Auxiliary Power By DIGIPOWER

I can’t really add too much more than what the title and the press release below already state except where in the heck can you buy one of these things??? The DIDGIPOWER website is not the greatest and timed out several times for me, but I did get in contact with the Press Release folks who are looking into getting me a list of retailers. Hang tight and I will shovel those out when I get them. So does this look cool or what? Thirty bucks seems pretty fair, what say you?

A rechargeable 1100mAh auxiliary battery pack for smart phones that measures 1/4-inch thin, weighs 2-ounces and retails for only $29.95 was introduced today by the DIGIPOWER division of Mizco International (

“Never before has so much rechargeable power been packed into a case so small, thin, and light,” asserted DIGIPOWER President Maurice Mizrahi. “Less than half the size and weight of currently available battery packs, Jump Start Slim is designed to provide consumers with three additional hours of 3G talk time, 7 additional house of video playback, and 21 additional hours of audio enjoyment.”

As stylish looking as it is powerful in performance, the Jump Start Slim features a brushed metal top and high gloss black back that complements the latest smart phone designs. The battery pack also features optimized circuitry that allow for faster charging times from a computer or standard USB charger.

What’s more, Jump Start Slim features a 3-step LED charge status display, a single button for On/Off and battery status, and comes with USB Micro, USB Mini, and DC barrel to USB A female connecting cables.

Thanks Kristofer!

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