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Smartphones Weekly Roundup #3


Smartphones weekly roundup is back with some cool news and updates from different mobility sites:

It’s been a busy week with Windows Mobile 7 rumors, with two editions of the platform, business and media editions. We also are beginning to see two new Windows Mobile 7 devices, the HTC Diamond3 and the LG Apollo), both supporting high-resolution screens and 720p! Lastly, on the hardware news, Palm seems to be severing its Windows Mobile relationship and have forged ahead with Verizon to bring the webOS Palm Pixi Plus and Pre Plus to the US, of which we reviewed.

After many reports about a disappointing Nexus One, this week the Spoon has renewed his love to his iPhone with some tweaks for a brilliant multi-thread support.


Better late than never, we finally got our hands on a Windows Mobile 6.5 based device at Just Another Mobile Monday.  Find out what we thought in this look at the Samsung Intrepid.
And don’t miss our very own Chris Spera, who appeared on Tech TV, in the form of TechVi’s Bottom Line.

This week we were treated to some nice Windows Mobile software with the release of I Left My Phone At Home, OpnMarket (for freeware apps), Pocket Plasma and an update of MyMobiler. At the same time we had a chance to look at the Palm Pre Plus and Palm Pre Pixi for Verizon.

Check out the new Task Manager called ArkSwitch for WM6.5.1 and above. To use it, simply click the left half of the top bar. The right half still has the normal WM6.5.x icon enlargement functionality.


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