We already knew Microsoft flexed some muscle to have their own section of each AT&T store, so no surprises here. But I must say, it looks nice. Also notice the redesigned Xbox 360 as well, not sure what that has to do with anything, but the more the merrier. Has your AT&T store set up as yet? Have you stop by to ask them questions you already know the answer to? Well, please see to it that you are doing your party to annoy your sales people. You never know when they might crack and just walk out the back with a phone!

Update: Ah a laptop in the middle.


  1. lol I’m trying not to bug them too much! I did walk out a week ago with the salesman’s business card. :) I ought to go see what it looks like this weekend, though. Or at least get the time they open on Monday.

  2. none sense! thats that they’re there for! we must poll them for information we know they do not have. accumulate as much business cards as possible, and offer the managers coffee. There is an art to this!!! ;)

  3. snicker No, no, sales as a general category. I work for the local state University.
    I’ll probably go bug them this weekend, though. I have full-on “Oh, shiny!” syndrome. My husband is just rolling his eyes at this point. I really can’t wait. I’m going to see if I can borrow my dad’s video camera on Monday to do an unboxing vid. I’m using my husband’s jury duty that day as an excuse to take it off myself!

  4. Look at it this way, if you ask questions now, any good salesperson will make sure to learn the answers over the next week so they can answer the next guy that comes in asking them. That’s a win-win for the customers and the (competent) salespeople.

  5. Going by the ATT store today to see if they have any signage up. I’m hoping they have a display phone i can play with.

  6. If anyone is able to get AT&T to caugh a phone up early let the group know. I would love to get one before Monday ;-)

  7. AT&T reps can eat my ass. Last time I went into one of those stores I asked for a Samsung Epix. The reps reply was that he had never heard of it and was wondering what carrier it was on. I just walked over to the wall and pointed to his display unit. Then he pulled out the “oh this must be new” business and then I proceeded to tell him how it had come out over two months ago and had been on display just as long in that very store. So moral of the story? Go to Best Buy Mobile and get the HTC where (most) of the employees aren’t idiots (although there are some everywhere) AND none of that mail in rebate non-sense.

  8. Looks like they got the back corner of the store!?! Guess Microsoft needs to lift more weights. Where is the front of store iPhone space?

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