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Awesome studio title Bomberman vs Zombies hits Windows Phone Marketplace (free)

Bomberman vs Zombies is here! I didn’t even know I wanted this game until I saw the gameplay but you should know that this is the same developer that released Crazy Survival, Extreme Flight and Bubble Gum Air which are all cross platforms successes. But before I go too far, just watch this:

I don’t want to get too personal here but I spent a lot of time playing Bomberman when I was young (it all started with that TurboGrafx).  Watching the video of Bomberman vs Zombies just brought it all back, with extra action. Oh and it’s free and also available for Blackberry, iOS and Android. Here’s the official description:

Irresistible game! The Top mobile game is reaching Marketplace. Action, explosions, zombies and a real Hero Bomberman! All these and even more in a spectacular game Bomberman vs. Zombies! When darkness invades the Earth, and all people have dreams of a better world, Zombies take the floor! Step by step, night by night, they realize their dark plans. The World could have turned into Zombieland, but Bomberman was prepared to save the Planet! How is he gonna do this? All in all Bomberman has 5 lives. To pass the level a player has to kill all the Zombies or to find a key in one of the boxes and open the hatch. The hatch is a kind of door, through which a player passes to the next level. In the game you will find a great number of good designed levels numerous zombies and other personages.

Characteristics: – smart zombies with AI;

– 3 types of zombies (slow, fast and zombies that can teleport themselves), bats, skulls, coffins;

– zoom of maps;

– bonuses and antibonuses;

– different kinds of bomb;

– Scoreloop Leaderboard.

Be brave, save the Planet!

Check it out here.