From one of our many resources hidden deep within the “bush” we bring to you a spreadsheet with some handy info on it… All the specs, names and chipsets of the upcoming HTC releases. reported earlier on the leaked releases of these, but now we get to see some more names and specs.  Its good to see the Thoth and Whitestone… And Seeing all the Windows Mobile 6.1 out there makes me think that they are coming out soon.  I am very curious about the Star and SuperStar… And I am VERY intrigued by the NVIDIA AP16 chipset.  It is also good to see all the WVGA screens coming out, but I’d like to see more storage/RAM and more speed out there like the Thoth!  Stay tuned for some more great phones coming out!


  1. […] Put this right into the doubtful pile but website SMGGMS has the unlocked TouchPro2 labeled with a due in stock date of May 12, 2009. It’s listed for $800. The company is in California and has photos of just about every speculative HTC phone (the others lack release dates which may actually add a little credibility to the TP2 date but I’m still not convinced;)). Just check out these pics of unreleased phones with unknown specs in some cases: Barium, Beryl Jade 2, Cedar, Citrine, Firestone, Magnet Iolite 2, Max 4G, Rhodium, Snap, Toth, Topaz, Tungsten, Whitestone and the Willow to name a few. If nothing else we have some nice photos to go along with the leaked HTC device specs. […]

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