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PointUI Home 2 Pro Coming Soon…Get Your Copy Today

One of the things I love about Windows Mobile is that you can have any user interface you want and PointUI has been around for a while allowing for some of that customization. I’m sure you’ll all remember about two months ago when PointUI Home 2 Free was released and it got generally good reviews but people wanted more. Well more is on the way. PointUI has announced that the release of PointUI Home 2 Pro is coming ‘in the near future’. But if you want it right now we’re going to give a copy away now. First, let’s talk about PointUI Home 2 Pro before we get to the giveaway:)

You need a touch screen for Home 2 Pro (so our Fuze is good to go:)) The Pro version permits managing 9 applets (up from 6), contains folders for My Applications, Folders in My Contacts and Unified Messaging, customize options auto Lock and Haptics and Contact Card. For more pics take a look here.

Why not a more detailed review and more specs? Well we only have one copy available right now and we’re giving it away! They’re not even mentioning the imminent release on their website yet! Yup, you can be among the first to try it out. One caveat – this is a single install so one device one time (so flashing whores may have to end their dirty practices:)) To win simply post a comment in this thread in our forums to apply. The random drawing will be held on Wednesday April 22nd at 8pm (EST). Only one entry per user (if more than one posting is made in the thread all but the first posting will not be entered), staff cannot apply and the drawing is limited to people with at least 5 entries in our forums to thank those of you who have been contributors. Of course, you can jump into the forums now and start posting away but no funny business (like 5 postings with little more than ‘post 4’ just to get up the count)  or we’ll discount the posting.

And hopefully the winner will be kind enough to share their thoughts with the rest of the community and provide a few screenshots and thoughts as well, but that’s optional:)  Good luck to all of you entering and of course, when a public release is available you know we’ll be on top of it.

UPDATE: Dorothy from PointUI was nice enough to clarify the ‘single installation’ issue. “Please note the code can only be used to activate a single copy and once activated it will be locked to the device you activated. You can flash the device and reactivate it, as far as we know the IDs use hardware based so its not a once off.” Thanks Dorothy – this makes a good thing even better!