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More computers are running Windows 8 than OS X Mountain Lion already

Even as a beta Microsoft’s newly RTM’d operating system is being used more widely than Apple’s latest OS. In a post today Microsoft noted that the Windows 8 previews have been run on over 16 million PCs.  That’s pretty impressive for a beta operating system. Meanwhile Mountain Lion (which was only $20) set its own record with Apple boasting 3million downloads in 4 days since it was released on July  25, “making it [their] most successful release ever” . Let’s just do the math though and assume that Mountain Lion continued that record setting trend – it would be at around 6 million downloads as of today, best case scenario. That doesn’t even best the number of users of the current Release Preview of Windows 8 which Microsoft states is over 7 million computers.

When you consider that a beta is besting Apple’s best and already being more widely used it really makes you think about the user base of OS X and how it compares to Windows.