If you plan on buying a new phone (maybe even a Surround or Focus) direct from AT&T then you may as well go the online route and save $100 with this link. I just tested it and in checkout it did apply the discount to a Focus.

UPDATE: Looks like you need to add a new line or be a new customer for this. See the comments. Thanks for the info guys.


  1. Oh well, I’d been considering upgrading my wife’s fruit phone for Christmas…but it looks like this discount won’t apply

  2. @Ed D.: I tried it on an upgrade eligible line but the discount didn’t apply. The site has only two buttons, Add a line or New Customer….

  3. @adp: So you just clicked the cneter banner, went through the ‘shop’ portal and at checkout it wasn’t there? Man wouldn’t it be easier if they just told us what the details were isntead of making us fish?

  4. If you go through and add via upgrade on your own account the code won’t work.

    BTW those that just purchased the phone, print out the coupon add and take it into your store or call, they might be able to fix the price for you. Most retailers have a window in which if prices get lowered you can get reimbursed.

  5. @David K: Yup, just tried it again, this time went all the way through to the last page where I have to input the CC number. Still $200. No discount if you use the upgrade option.

  6. Amazon has all AT&T phones for a penny on new service activations through November 15th. However the Focus is M.I.A.

  7. The discount does not apply to the iPhone, nor does the Amazon sale. I wanted to get one for my wife. :(

  8. I got my Focus for $99 Monday morning online. I got a second for my wife in an AT&T store and paid the $199 price about two hours later when it opened. I asked what was the difference, the lady said that it was because I was the primary account holder, due for an upgrade and did it online.

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