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Why I would be the perfect SMW (Social Media Week) Nokia Reporter?


I have been asked, “Why I would be the perfect SMW (Social Media Week) Nokia Reporter?”

My short answer would be, “WHY NOT?”

But to be fair and honest I need to explain my answer.


I can describe myself in 2 words – “GADGET FANATIC“. Ever since I can remember I have always been interested in Technology. My very first computer was a Commodore 64. Back then it was not much but it was MINE. Since then I have built every computer I own with the exception of my Toshiba Laptop and My Surface RT Tablet. My current job is Technology Repair. I fix everything from computers to handheld devices. Over the years I have come to love Microsoft Products as a FANBOY (even the quirks that comes with them) and have always been a Nokia FANBOY as well. Since the 2 have come together it is like Christmas for me every day.

In the past, I have owned several Windows Mobile Devices like the HTC Tilt, HTC Fuze, and HTC Tilt 2. I am proud to say that back then I was one of a few Windows Mobile devs that ported Touch Flo 3d and 2d from HTC Devices to other Windows Mobile Devices. I have also created cabs of other programs pulled from HTC Devices so others can use (like Opera Mobile).

Instead of porting apps I have created 2 update apps found here –

So you can see I am very active in the Windows Phone 8 & Nokia Community for a long time.

I currently am a proud owner of a Nokia 521 T-Mobile and my oldest son Kenny is following in my footsteps by sporting a Nokia 520 AT&T Device. See picture below.


Since my oldest son got his, my younger son Johnny wants one as well. As you can see I am raising my children right. My take on a country classic song (Mamma Don’t Let Your Babies Grow up To Be COWBOYS by Willie Nelson) is – “Mamma Don’t Let Your Babies Grow up To Be Android or Apple Users”. LMAO!!!!!!!

My son and I use our devices everywhere we go. This summer we went to St Louis, MO (my birth place and where my family is from). All we used was our Nokia Devices for Pictures. We went to the Arch, Budweiser Brewery, Grants Farm, The Magic House, The Transportation Museum, and several other places in St Louis has to offer as well as on our way home we stopped by Graceland to see Elvis Presley’s Home. See Pictures below of some examples we took.









So the question asked is, “Why I would be the perfect SMW (Social Media Week) Nokia Reporter?

My answer is simple, “Why NOT!” I am the poster child for Nokia and their mission to DOMINATE THE WORLD WITH THEIR DEVICES, one country at a time!

I already know Nokia has raised the bar with their unequaled cameras in the phones design. Look at my pictures above, my nokia 521 does not have a flash yet compared to my parents iPhones, my Nokia 521 makes the picture look like you are there even in dark to low light aqreas.

If I am chosen to be the SMW (Social Media Week) Nokia Reporter, my mission is show off the AWESOMENESS that Nokia has to offer!