We’ve all had the experience of having to dive deep into AT&T’s website to find any signs of Windows Phone. We all also know that up until now you didn’t have t think twice about locating the iPhone seeing as it is constantly shoved down your throat when you visit the site. So imagine my elation to visit the AT&T website and be presented with a view of the Nokia Lumia 900 which also carries a banner encouraging visitors to pre-order yours now.

This is a great start and a small confirmation that AT&T is serious about moving a large number of this phone. The Galaxy Note has had its push, the iPhone looks set to debut in the fall and AT&T needs another hero phone to trumpet to the masses. Lets face it, although the Galaxy Note is selling well its not exactly priced or sized to sell to every man, woman and teenager. At 4.3” we’ve seen plenty of phones sell well to both genders and the colorful choices also appeals to a wider range of people tired of the black slabs.

Here’s to a great launch and strong sales for the beautifully different Lumia 900.


  1. An article about what’s on the homepage of att.com, cool. An article about who’s paying whom how much, cooler. An opinion bit about whether it was resources well spent (go with the no angle), badass.

  2. Well considering had they not done at least this much there would still be a “proof is in the pudding” vibe going on.

    Out of sight out if mind is how I view Windows Phones to this point.

  3. I think they have been well aware of their pace and lack of promotion. C’mon, this is Microsoft, Nokia, & AT&T. They have resources and a little bit of experience. This is a rough game. They know the ecosystem is not quite there yet. (hardware or software) It is still young. This will be a big splash, but only a lead up to Apollo in Oct. when they will become a serious competitor with larger res screens, dual core processors (needed or not), micro sd support, usb mass storage, and a lot more top shelf apps available. I am anxious to see the look on the face of the nay-sayers then.

  4. The splash had better be at least noticeably big otherwise it will be a lesson you’d rather carriers not learn with more certainty about Windows Phone.

    • I anticipate a splash both un unit sales and mindshare. With the pricing, excellent design and push there is no reason why the Lumia 900 shouldn’t achieve significant success. @Doug Simmons:

  5. Slightly off topic, but I finally saw the mock-up Note at Best Buy last weekend. Holy Jesus, that’s HUGE. No way I could use that as a phone. Heck, no way that sucker’s going to fit in the tiny pockets they put in women’s clothes. I have 1 pair of slacks my Surround barely fits into.

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