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Xbox Live Games Star Wars Cantina and Bubble Town 2 Hit WP7

Another week and two more Xbox Live games are in the Marketplace. First up is Bubble Town 2. Apparently this was a Facebook cult game but ultimately it reminds me of Snood with more levels (and I love Snood). There’s 45 levels and 3 environments plus 5 bosses and a new ‘lob shot’ that lets you get to the back rows. It’s just $3 with a trial. And yes, I will be buying this one cause I had a bad thing for Snood that I don’t mind getting back to.

The other Xbox Live game is Star Wars: Cantina. I haven’t the foggiest idea what this game is (except that there’s a trial and it’s $3 to buy). Here’s their description:

Hop in the shoes of galactic adventurer Nia Adea and try your hand at running a little cantina on Tatooine – serving refreshments on a hot desert planet can get really hectic! Featuring a colorful clientele familiar to all fans of classic Star Wars: trigger-happy Rodians, burly Gamorreans, Imperial stormtroopers and even a Hutt among others. There is never a dull moment in the Thirsty Bantha Cantina!

If you try it share with the group!

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