Conflipper is gone but his gifts have still not been fully discovered yet. XDA is reporting that there is a ROM Update discovered on Shipped ROMS for the AT&T Tilt 2:


This looks to be a Sense 2.5 update that also includes a new Radio: ATT_Radio_Rhodium_4.49.25.95

Updated-Tilt2-About Updated-Tilt2-Sys-Info

chadster214 has posted the package contents of the ROM here for you to check out, but as he says, there’s a ton of bloatware in there so we all know it is the genuine AT&T ROM! :)

You can download the Radio here and the ROM here.



  1. YES!!!!! Finally…Call me silly but I enjoy having the full ATT Rom as to having a cooked rom. I want the bloatware…only reason I been using a cooked one is to get sense 2.5…Downloading now and then flashing…YEAH!!!!!

  2. Is this a release ROM from AT&T?
    Have not seen any other reference to this ROM on any other site than here.
    Having never loaded a ROM before, I am just being very cautious.

  3. so will this require the phone to be hard-spl unlocked to flash or can you just run the .exe like a normal factory update

  4. Works great!!! MSVC and bluetooth work a bit better too!!….TF3D on the older official ROM seems a little bit snappier, but the overall experience so far is that the newer ROM is quicker. I don’t like that the quick task manager in the upper right hand corner of the homescreen is gone.. Anyone know how to get it back?

  5. Did you go to Start/Settings/System/Task Manager/Button and make sure that “Enable Quick Menu in Today Screen is checked.

  6. Hey Dom, if you do get Task Manager running, can you check and see what the total Program and Storage Memory is with the new ROM. The original ROM has: 187.07 MB Program and 226.17 MB Storage. Wondering if the new ROM got better or worse.

  7. so i found a cab that brings back the task manager in the top right corner and it works great. you can find it here thanks to Jeep on htc forums for suggesting it. Jimski… program mem is still 187.35mb and storage is down just a hair to 201.15mb . after going in and deleting all the demos and music att put on and installing .net 3.7 and a bunch of my other programs after start up i have over 100mb storage available and about 85mb program available…so not too bad considering sense 2.5 is thrown into the mix, in my opinion

  8. Thanks for that detail Lucas. Really helpful. Glad you got the Task Manager working again, although I am using Showcase which works fine on my device. Program memory sounds OK, but the 226.17 vs 201.15 MB for Storage memory is a bit more than a hair (about 25 MB or 11%). With the original ROM and TouchFlo turned off I have 95.62 MB Program and 82.71 MB Storage at bootup, with more than 150 apps and tweaks installed. Many of my non-critical apps get loaded to SD to save Storage. I delete all the AT&T stuff with Crud Scraper (great tool) and also remove the music, photo samples. But it looks like the new ROM would take another 25MB, leaving me with 57 MB Storage. That’s starting to get a little tight. May wait for the official release (assuming there is one) to see exactly what was changed and determine if the benefit is worth the 25MB. Don’t have any plans to use Sense.

  9. Hi Gents
    I searched xda and was able to find many programs that installed the complete task manager. I used the same one as in lucas’s link abve. It worked perfectly. After a soft reset and running fo about an hour, I have Total storage 180.60 using about 112 and total program 187.65 using about 51.78… Used crud to get rid of the bloat . I have many programs installed…Tried to keep most of them on my storage card, Also I put Cookies home screen manager .. The only drawback so far is that TF3D is not as snappy, but the programs load and run faster.. I like that BT and MSVC run so much better and so far it seems that the radio is better …That was a big plus

  10. Thanks for the feedback Dom. With the original ROM, MSVC actually appears to work better than it did on my Fuze. Have not needed to repeat a question or command yet. BT was a little struggle getting things setup at first (new screens/dialogs in 6.5) but connecting to my PC’s and headphones are working good now. Just wondering what “so much better” means. Still trying to evaluate the benefits of rebuilding my device….again. Thanks.

  11. So…one thing I’ve noticed is I can’t get 3 bars of signal it will do 1, 2 or 4 when it should be 3 it seems to bounce between 2 and 4… can anyone else verify this? one good thing is no more black screens of death.

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