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Helpware For Haiti – Donate and Get Software From bbonzz!

bbonzzsoft1 We just got done writing about bbonzz newest application released called Pocket Plasma that is a lot of fun and will keep your 9 year old daughter and 6 year old son occupied for hours. (I can vouch for this personally!) But Pocket Plasma is just some of bbonzz’s incredible software and you can now get his donationware for free when you make a donation to help Haiti. This is yet another way to give back to Haiti, and get some very cool software in return for your generosity and that of bbonzz. Here’s more: 

Helpware for Haiti. Help those people and get my software in exchange!

For a week since now (i.e. until January 25, 23.59 GMT) all of my donationware apps are transformed to "helpware".

So, what does it means?

  • You send a donation not to me, but to a charity of your choice that is going to help Haiti

  • You send me the proof that you have donated to charity. A proof can be a mail forward of the paypal donation to a charity, or a receipt, or everything else (every charity releases a receipt for donations)

  • For every proof of donation, you can choose one of my donationware apps (PocketCoffee, CountOnMe, PocketPlasma or Mobi o’ lantern)

  • I send you the "pro" version for your screen resolution

If someone doesn’t know even a single charity to send his donation to, he can send me the donation (but i don’t encourage this, since PayPal eats the most part of each donation) and I’ll send money to Save The Children Italia Onlus (and then will publish the donation proof as well).

This campaign is lead in cooperation with:

Please support Haiti, and please support our developers like bbonzz