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Sharp is Launching a 3D Smartphone By Year’s End

A spokeswoman for Sharp told Reuters that Sharp plans to bring a smartphone, with a 3D panel that can be viewed without glasses(similar to the Nintendo DSi), to the international market by the end of the year.  She also said that a 3D capable camera would also be likely.  Sharp hasn’t made much of a splash outside of Japan in recent years, but I guess they hope to change this with a 3D panel. 

I don’t remember seeing Sharp on any WindowsPhone OEM list so they are most likely going to use Android.  Then again, they did manufacture the Kin for Microsoft, so they could still jump on the WP7 bandwagon(assuming they didn’t lose any money from the whole debacle and are pissed at MS).  I just hope Sharp doesn’t try to use some in-house OS, cause I can pretty much guarantee it’ll be an epic failure if they go that route.  I mean veterans like Nokia, Blackberry, and Palm have all gotten hacked to shreds in the mobile OS arms race.  Even innovative startups like Emblaze with nice UI can’t hang in there.  I highly doubt Sharp will have what it takes to push a brand new OS.