OK so today AT&T made a statement to PC World in which they said “we’ll be the premier carrier for Windows Phone 7.” It’s circulating like breaking news. Uhm here’s a pic from Engadget from the announcement of WP7 like 5 months ago. Notice anything in the image? And in February AT&T said “We take pride in having the best Smartphone portfolio in the U.S., and Windows Phone 7 Series will be a significant and integral part of that strategy.” And AT&T was even on stage at the time WP7 was announced and a representative had a few words to say about the relationship and they were the only US carrier there.  We’ve also seen them do some dev series lately…Anyway, if you’re with AT&T then WP7 phones are coming. If you’re with any US carrier they’re coming in fact. It just so happens that AT&T has been elevated since the beginning…


  1. As long as that means AT&T gets all the pretty ones it’s relevant! =P no seriously…they need SOME nice devices other than the iphone. Only decent phones AT&T has are the aforementioned iphone, the aria and the captivate, the last 2 being only recent additions.

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