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My Nokia Lumia experience, part 2: Reloading

header_658_ilomiloAfter getting home, now the fun begins, right?  (It’s 9:10pm and I still haven’t eaten, by the way.)

Email set up was incredibly easy.  Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live all are happy.  I didn’t have important messages, all my read emails are copied in Outlook.

I haven’t used Zune streaming since the free trial 2 years ago when I got my Surround. The music section picked up on my old information and loaded the 10 songs I have gotten. Pretty cool. 

Microsoft, can we talk about apps? First of all, you have to log into the Store to get your purchase history. I couldn’t find Reinstaller in the store, and I don’t know if it’s still broken from the Store’s rebranding. When you get your purchase history, it doesn’t even show everything!  Once I had MANUALLY downloaded everything, I found half a dozen games had been skipped, and more than that in other apps, most notably (for me) kik, which my husband and a couple of friends & I use because I have texting blocked at the moment, but also Netflix, Relax Melodies (which I hope works better than on the HTC). Oh, and where’s Skype for goodness sake??  There has GOT to be a better way to do this.

Oh, and while I’m discussing games: Tentacles, which is massively awesome, couldn’t be found. So I hopped on the laptop and went to the Store. I clicked on the “Reinstall” button, and had it send me an instructional email. I opened the email on the phone when it arrived, and I did get redirected to the app’s page in the Store on the phone, and got a “This app is not supported on your phone.”  WHAT?? Developer, pleaseplease fix this as soon as you can!!

As soon as I think everything’s on that I want, I get to clear the Surround as a play-at-home game system for Junior. Wheee! No more, “Mommy, can I play IloMilo on your phone?”