Welcome to AT&T, home of Windows Phone 7. According to Engadget, they have a leaked document that shows 6 WP7 devices by year’s end.

Moving on, we’ve got even more confirmation that the Samsung Cetus (i917) will be one of the operator’s first Windows Phone 7 devices, and it looks as if a heretofore unheard of Samsung Focus and HTC Surround will be joining it. Better still, we’ve got it on good authority that three other WP7 handsets will be splashing down alongside those others in time for the holidays.

OK getting used to the names. Excited? IAs an AT&T subscriber this is great news. Options…glorious glorious options! Now excuse me as I change my pants…


  1. Excited?


    Though I am excited in that we’re getting closer to the part where you pay me $50 for WP7 not outselling Android Q1 ’11, if you really want to wait it out still and not just fork it over now to end the pain.

  2. @Doug Simmons:
    What’s the amortized cost of paying off the bet today? I presume there’s a discount that gets applied in getting your money today and not waiting 6 months. I’m sure there’s an Android app to figure out the discount…tell me what it comes out to if you don’t get short on resources from having too many background apps needlessly running ;)

  3. Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of stupid rumors about AT&T’s exclusivity agreement with Apple expiring, but this could be the most convincing sign yet.

    Assuming, of course, AT&T will actually carry some high-end WP7 phones right off the bat, unlike its first few steps with Android.

    • YES! Cetus is going to make it to AT&T!!! I’m pretty sure that’s the one I’m going to get if I can’t hold out for a 1.2Ghz model (and I’m thinking it’s more and more likely that I wont be able to…ahaha)

  4. HTC surround… safe to say that the surround is the htc phone with the slide out speaker? that would make sense to me, which makes me think that if they are calling it the surround its got to have 2 speakers… and chances are, good speakers too…. is it christmas time yet?

  5. just found out HTC plans on putting 5.1 surround technology in there phones in 2011… theyve got to be putting that in this phone, i mean, there calling it the surround!

  6. I hope HTC does put surround tech in the phone. I actually was going to get the Schubert as my first phone until I seen the Surround. Samsung looks to be having some good options too and of course Dell’s Lightning is still pretty they just need to up the storage space to 16GB.

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