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Stephen Elop Speaks Clear At AllThingsD

8:09 pm Walt: Even though Microsoft is taking more control over the look and feel of this mobile OS. They’re taking more of a Apple approach. How do you conclude that you can differentiate really well? Stephen: By entering into a different kind of relationship with Microsoft. Other OEMs are doing their best and first work with Android.

And BOOM goes the dynamite!  The above text is from a live blooging of Nokia CEO Stephen Elop going on right now at the AllThingsD conference.  Elop just made it abundantly clear that OEMs aren’t fooling anybody including Microsoft with the way they put their best hardware on Android.

Considering how much people are looking forward to Nokia differentiating themselves with tip top hardware for Windows Phone it can easily be assumed that part of the reason Nokia has so much leeway than other OEMs with Microsoft is because they have come to an understanding that Windows Phone would be treated like the first class citizen the software so richly deserves.

Other OEMs are now firmly on notice that they better bring their best or be left picking up the pieces.

If you move quickly enough you can catch the ongoing live blogging courtesy of thisismynext