I know what you’re thinking – who is Michael Gartenberg? “A frequent contributor to many news and media outlets providing both broadcast commentary and print analysis, Michael also writes a monthly column on business technology for Computerworld, as well as weekly columns for two influential technology blogs, Engadget and SlashGear…A long time blogger, Michael has been ranked by TechnoBabble among the top 50 most influential analyst bloggers. He is the only analyst ranked in the top 10 of both most influential as well as engaging analysts on Twitter according to Edelman’s TweetLevel.”

If this is accurate…well that’s a lot of AT&T phones. For a first gen device and only one carrier that’s more than a decent splash to make.


  1. The analyst prediction is 30m worldwide by 2011. If AT&T is at 8 and Verizon is larger than them (and lacks an iPhone so there’s a little more market there) then they have to be another 8 at least. That leaves the rest of the world…
    I just don’t get how you commit to a number of phones on a platform without knowing the phones that are available. I guess we’ll find out:)

    • So i take it the order is for 8M by the end of 2011? especially since the 30M prediction is for the end of 2011. That’s really not that crazy of an order if you think about it. There are at least 4 launch OEM and assuming no one else releases a WP7 phone until 2012 that gives them each over a year to deliver 2M to AT&T. Not that crazy considering Apple sold 8.4M iphones last quarter alone…I just hope AT&T has the model I end up wanting =]

  2. Wish we knew a little more about what phones they’re going to get. I’m on AT&T, but not an iPhone user, so am very interested in finding out more. Seeing 8M available gives me some hope that they won’t be backordered or out of stock. I guess more news is forthcoming, but this is a decent sign if the devices will be ready.

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