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“Reinstaller” Finally Lets You Swap Windows Phones and Reinstall Your Apps With One Click

Having recently upgraded from a Focus to a Titan I can’t even begin to tell you the frustration with losing all of your apps and then needing to manually go through the webpage to reinstall them all. It’s tedious, unnecessary and requires a lot of clicking (yes I’ve confirmed six times, just install the damn thing). Anyway, Reinstaller won’t give you all of your app settings back (that’s MS’s fault not the devs) but at least it will help you have all of the apps you had on your new phone. Here is the description:

Did you loose all your apps after your phone was reset or wiped for some reason? Or, did you buy a new Windows Phone device and need to install the apps you loved? Do you remember all the apps you had on your phone?

Reinstaller by WPfied can help you reinstall all the apps easily. Tap on the Connect button, log on to and watch it fetch the list of apps. And, then tap on the Install button to review the list of app and start installations – it really that simple.

How does it work? When you tap on the Connect button, Reinstaller prompts you to login to and then scans the website for all the apps that you have ever installed on your Windows Phone. Once you are done with that, you can tap on the on the Install button on the main page. The install page displays list of all the apps that are associated with your Live account. Using the jump list and check boxes you can install all or some of them.

When you start the installation, Reinstaller invokes the Marketplace tasks for installing the apps one by one as that’s the *ONLY* way to do it on the current Windows Phone release. Tap on the Yes button to start the installation, No to skip the specific app and Stop to prevent further prompts and come back to the main screen.

This confirmation screen helps by preventing seemingly endless prompts for app installs.

What it doesn’t do?

– Restore saved app data and game stats

– Access any other information apart from the list of apps

– Access, collect or send any personally identifiable information to anyone

– Keep you logged on to after the app has exited

– Transfer apps/games purchases to another Live account.

Borderline life changing if you ask me…Anyway, you can check it out here for free. Wish I had this a week ago…