AT&T has gotten a lot of press for the Motorola ATRIX 4G, love it or hate it, we blogged about it. But there was another AT&T phone that was released just a week or so before the ATRIX that I think is an excellent device, the HTC Inspire 4G. With intentions to make use of the AT&T 4G network when they roll it out, the HTC Inspire 4G is a 4.3 inch screen device that is sporting Froyo, Android 2.2. It also has a health dose of HTC Sense added which I happen to miss now that I have gone the way of “Fruit” since my HD2 left town. I got a chance to play with the Inspire and I was pretty impressed with the device.

So AT&T wants to keep a good device like the Inspire 4G front and center in their marketing and have created a pretty good 31 second commercial. It is about a cop who is in hot pursuit of an unseen criminal jumping off bridges and landing on cars (total Matrix rip off but still very cool), dashing through restaurants, and knocking people around on busy city streets. Doing this all while he is promoting AT&T and the Inspire 4G without breaking a sweat.

Check out the video below and make sure you give the Inspire 4G a good once over before you buy the ATRIX 4G.


  1. “now that I have gone the way of “Fruit” since my HD2 left town” Does that mean you are cross dressing too.

  2. My fashion sense is early Neanderthal, so I wouldn’t take any tips from me.
    I can donate some of my wifes clothing which she left behind after running off with her boy toy of choice (to be politically correct, I should probably include the possibility of a girl toy to).

  3. oh no…other than the lack of hte hdmi out and hte FFC, the inspire owns the atrix,. the screen is amazing, sense ui is phenomenal, it has the ability to get custom roms (albeit through a ridiculous method to root it!). i got mine a week ago from today and i’m legitimately in love with this phone. it doesn’t slow down on me and doesnt have any shitty UI’s. i spent 2 months thinking about which phone to get and i’m sooo happy with my decision to get an inspire [oh i got it for free too ;) ]

  4. I’ll admit its really tempting right now to think about the new 4G phones at the Death Star, but for now I’ll keep enjoying Doug’s HD2. I can still do one thing that neither the Atrix nor the Inspire can do…. dual boot WinMo and Gingerbread.

  5. inspires a nice phone, but its got a 4.3 inch screen and only a 1200 mah or so battery. battery life was horrible in my experience with it. i do love the sense UI, it brought me back to my aria for a little bit, but the inspire has horrendous sound quality (the ringer for some reason is actually significantly louder than the music player which really bugs me.) however, the 8MP camera take beautiful pictures, and the screen is absolutely huge which is pretty awesome in itself. the inspire felt really solid in the hand. HTC definately makes sturdy feeling phones. holding the inspire versus a captivate, you can tell the casing was crafted better. that being said though, i still couldnt see myself getting that over the atrix when i had the choice…. dual core baby!

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