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ZappoTV Launches Beta Android Version of Popular iOS App

More Android news today, Zappo TV comes to Android, in beta form but it’s here anyway. ZappoTV allows users to combine their media content via their mobile device and watch it on their internet-connected television. I love my HDTV, but I wish I had thought about it a bit more and got one with more features like being internet connected. Then again there’s always a new HDTV coming out, so I’d have to have a new house to hold all of the new TVs I’d have to buy to keep up with the technology.

How it Works
ZappoTV enables users to locate, access and enjoy their favorite podcasts, photos and videos from Facebook, Picasa or Flickr, and their own movies, photos and music stored on their phone or home computer or server, as well as content aggregated by ZappoTV. Moreover, the unique capability of the ZappoTV Mobile Media Center application is its ability to send media from the mobile device and internet to a TV to enjoy the content on a "big screen" with friends and family. ZappoTV’s technology uses DLNA and UPnP AV with a proprietary enhancement layer which extends home networking protocols to allow connected TVs, media players and other such devices to access internet-based content and make them work seamlessly together.

"We’ve seen such an explosion of downloads of the iOS version, and we’re excited to offer it to Android users," said Jan van Ottele, CEO of ZappoTV. "At ZappoTV, we want to make the transition of media from mobile device to TV seamless. With our app, now available to iOS and Android users, users can easily send their videos and photos from their device to the big screen with one click."

Devices Supported
ZappoTV currently supports a variety of connected TVs, media players and media center solutions, including the Western Digital Media Players (WDTV Live, WDTV Live Plus, WDTV Live Hub Media Center), XBMC, Xbox 360 (in Media Center Extender Mode), Popcorn Hour, LG Connected TVs, and Samsung Smart TVs.

The beta android version of ZappoTV is available today from Android Market. ZappoTV requires Android 2.1 and up. ZappoTV allows users to enjoy content from their own media as well as content aggregated by ZappoTV (Revision3 CBS, G4, CNET, CNN, Fox and more).

more information about ZappoTV can be found at