It’s been a long time for Android fans waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S II battleship to land here in the United States. The device is loaded with all the latest and greatest specs including a 4.3 inch Super AMOLED Plus screen and dual core 1.2 GHz processor. It looks like a regional carrier from the 49th State has jumped the gun and announced the SGS2 ahead of the 4 major US Wireless Carriers and even named their price of $99.99. 

Now we have AT&T launching their “Coming Soon” page for the SGS2. No date is given but for offering up your email address AT&T will gladly let you know when it will be. Everyone ready for the SGS2?

[source: AT&T via: PhanDroid]



  1. I’m no fan of AT&T, but I still have to offer them kudos or whatever for stepping their game up like this. It would be easier for me to be digitally patriotic if our carriers didn’t take their sweet as time to deliver. Meanwhile a bunch of random countries I couldn’t find on a map unleashed this phone months ago. But hey, this is a step in the right direction.

    Of course though they’re going to bloat it the hell up. Thanksfully, Samsung probably won’t lock down the bootloader, given that they don’t do that and also that they hired the super Android custom rom king — after giving him a free phone.

  2. Hey Smith, what’s the deal, why can’t I up-vote my own comments? Do I have to fire up a proxy thing every time I make a comment with the new system? :(

  3. I’m starting to like AT&Ts fall lineup alot better than Verizon’s. This is definitely a step in the right direction.

  4. @Doug Simmons: Not sure, I’ll look for the pandering to my own ego setting and turn it off . LMAO

    Murani, AT&T is looking good witht he iPhone 5, Ice Scream Sandwich devices and the September release of the SGS2, and now a strong commitment to WP7.5. Could the Death Star be waking up from their hibernation? But then I am thinking back to when they got cool WM devices in the past that got overshadowed by the iPhone and other devices in their marketing plan. I hope they put some $$$ into all their devices because WP7.5 will need the shot in the arm to appeal to less techie consumers who typically don’t follow the blogs.

  5. @Doug Smith: Q4 launches of anything other than the iPhone 5 will suffer hard. I don’t even think Ice Cream Sandwich will fair well on AT&T when the iPhone 5 drops. Over the past couple of years i’ve grown in my appreciation for the standard that the iPhone has set.

    Exciting times ahead and smiles to go all around whether you are Android, Apple or Windows Phone.

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