I know what your thinking, Mobility Digest has a forum?  Your damn right we do and there is some great stuff in there.  And we need your help, the avid Mobility Digest reader. 

So there are a couple of ways to access our forum.  You could always use the computer of your choice to get there or you can use an app on the mobile device of your choice called Tapatalk.  Tapatalk is an app that we here at Mobility Digest have installed on our server.  It gives you our loyal readership a great interface into the forum. 

Feature listing from the site:




Tapatalk has apps for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone.  They cost about $2.99 but it’s a great app with tons of features for forums that have it installed like ours!  Once you have it installed click on the Network button at the bottom of the app and then click the Search menu item at the top right and search for Mobility Digest.  And all you have to do is login after that with your forum info.

The one other awesome feature of this app is that for forum Moderators it has those features built in as well with this latest release.  I bought this app early in it’s development and have loved it, especially with this last update.

So we have a forum and a Windows Phone App developed by Mobility Digests very own Danny Lam so get a move on and start contributing it’s what can make a great site that much better.

Note: I included links for iPhone and Android but couldn’t find a link to open it up in Zune for you Win users, but if you do a search in the Zune app on your computer for Board Express there are two versions a free which is readonly and a Pro which is $2.99 and does it all.

Let us know if you get it and what you think.


  1. Glad this was posted. Signed up in the forums the other day but I haven’t seen much posted since then.

    Slow day is slow?

  2. Yea there has been a few day job changes for some of us writers here at Mobility Digest. I think I’m finally settled in at my new place to start writing a lot more. And got my new laptop after losing my old work one, I still haven’t posted anything from my iPhone, I’m a little weary of doing so.

  3. @James Schneider:

    Ah ok, I thought it was because you were embarrased about using an iPhone. =P

    I have never used it either but I just installed it on my phone. Here’s to happy posting!

  4. I have a good excuse for not being in the forums lately, since my wife split, I have actually been able to get a life back and it’s been pretty good one !!!!!!!

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