Windows 10 phones should be able to give real time heart rate with its cameras

I haven’t heard talk of upcoming Lumias providing real time heart rate results, but it appears as though all of the hardware is there. Stepping back, if you recall the Xbox One can tell your heart [...]

Today I was forced to buy a year old tablet

I was excited for cyber Monday. I need a new tablet for work. I had a Dell Venue Pro 8 that bit the dust. I relied heavily on it for note taking. If I got a [...]

Microsoft releases Digital Gift Cards app

Microsoft has released Digital Gift Cards for phones. Available here It lets you buy, send and manage ecards from Microsoft that can be used for phones, pcs and Xbox. You can personalize the cards, choose [...]

Mobility Digest Review: Microsoft’s Band is a beta smartwatch

Yes, I ordered the Band as soon as it was available and before I even knew what it did. I’m a fan boy… I’m ok with that. And it’s awesome in a lot of respects.  In [...]

Email is still Windows Phone’s Achilles heel: Denim doesn’t address it

To this day, I can’t recommend Windows Phones to any business user and it’s the same reason as it was the day the platform was released. If you use your phone for work, you care about [...]

Cord cutters next victim: Alarm systems

The cord cutting trend is gaining as people cut off expensive paid providers. This is laying the ground work for more service providers to get ripped for the same reasons. The reason we were forced to [...]

Prediction: Microsoft buys Insteon

One thing is clear: Microsoft has to be in the hardware business and their Surface release and Nokia acquisition are proof. For years we’ve heard of Microsoft in the home without anything to show for it. [...]

PBS Kids Videos available for Windows Phones

If you have a kid and live in the US just download this: It’s the PBS kids video app for Windows Phone. So you can watch all of those educational kids shows for free and the [...]

Time to stop teaching kids the ABCs

It’s hard to sell me on the benefits of teaching our kids their ABCs at this point in time. Yes, all the letters need to be taught. But the order is wrong. We live in an [...]

How to watch World Cup games on your Windows Phone

The ESPN app is crap. It never works for me. Anyway, if you want to watch the World Cup games all you need to do is use a streaming tv app that streams foreign tv since [...]